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Heather GordonPhoto by Eric Chazankin       Click picture for larger image
Born Yesterday

May 25 - June 10, 2012
Another show added for June 7!
Tickets available for June 7 only
Sold out June 1,2,3
Born Yesterday
by Garson Kanin
Directed by Sheri Lee Miller

CAST, in order of Appearance
Paul Verrall...Paul Huberty
Helen...Madeleine Ashe
Eddie Brock...James Pelican
Bellhop, barber, waiter...Dezi Gallegos
Bellhop, bootblack, manicurist...Pascale Serp
Harry Brock...Gary Grossman
Billie Dawn...Heather Gordon
Ed Devery...*Charlie Queary
Senator Norval Hedges...Samson Hood
Mrs. Hedges...Nuria Ibars
*Member Actors Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers

This magnificent comedy may be old but you’d never know it. Washington insiders, greed and government cover-ups - Bernie Madoff could learn a few things! Here’s the hilarious tale of a not-so-dumb-blonde, her less-than-honest brute of a boyfriend, and the no-nonsense reporter who helps her uncover Washington’s dirty little secrets and life’s glorious possibilities.

Underwritten by Bergin GlassBergin Glass


"...a solid cast...sure hit ends Cinnabar's 39th season ~ Garson Kanin's 'Born Yesterday' demonstrates one of the surest ways to get the public to think: make 'em laugh."

Katie Watts
Petaluma Argus Courier

"...a solid cast....Gary Grossman's Harry is a brash, bullying blowhard, a pugnacious poster boy for anger management issues who generally communicates from his yelling place. Sound one-dimensional? Not with Grossman: you may not like Harry, but you do understand him. Heather Gordon completely projects Billie Dawn...Paul Huberty's Paul Verrall is both impassioned about what his country should-and could-be, and coolly intellectual, a nice contrast to Harry and Billie. The comic highlight of the play, a gin game between Harry and Billie, exemplifies the power of silence. There is almost no conversation, but actions as simple as picking up their cards kept the audience steadily laughing. Sheri Lee Miller's direction here is particularly sure: this is Chaplin-esque comedy."


January 15, 2013

Actress Heather Gordon (pictured) has been voted "Best Leading Actress in a Play (Local)" in the 2012 San Francisco Theater Awards. Gordon was honored in the fan based poll for her portrayal of Billie Dawn in the 2012 Cinnabar Theater production of "Born Yesterday."

See the full list


Single Tickets: $25 General
$22 Seniors 65 & Over
$15 Age 22 & Under
Tickets available for June 7 only

"Cinnabar's 'Born Yesterday' Hottest Ticket in Town...delicious comedy that includes food for thought...has the entire cast firing on all cylinders."

Rayne Wolfe
Petaluma Patch

A top-notch production of a funny play

"Forties gem 'Born Yesterday' feels timely today...a top-notch production of a funny's given a sharp staging at Cinnabar Theater by director Sheri Lee Miller. What stands out most is a knockout performance by Heather Gordon (as Billie Dawn)...her comic chops are superb. Gary Grossman makes a perfect Harry Brock...Paul Huberty exudes mild-mannered self satisfaction as the incorruptible reporter Paul Verrall."

Sam Hurwitt
Marin Independent Journal

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LIsten to an interview with Gary Grossman (who plays Harry Brock) and Sheri Lee Miller (director) at KSRO CenterStage "Born Yesterday" interview podcast

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Saturday, June 2 Cinnalounge Join us for an enlightening preshow soireé in a local gallery (Location TBA). Meet the Cinnabar board, hear an expert speak on topics related to the program, and enjoy light supper and wine. Cinnalounges are special to CinnaClub Members: donors at the $500 level or more. The evening includes a post-show Q&A with cast and crew - open to all.



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