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Guest Performer SeriesGod Fights the Plague


Rave reviews from
people who saw
a preview of the show...

I’m in tearful awe by what you wrote, directed, and performed. It was spectacular.”

– Ann Morissey

“Wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking... Thank you Dezi for this gift that you’ve given our world.”

– Natalie Herman

Wow, what a show! Thank you... So much food for thought and rich characters and their stories that will stay with us from the pagan to the atheist. You really made them come to life in front of us.”

– Devora Kanther Kothari

Simply amazing... Broadway has nothing on you.”

– Heather Lobdell

“A brilliant production! Exquisite acting! I laughed and cried, I was inspired, my heart cracked open, and I fell in love with everyone, with the whole wide world, and with the infinite mysterious universe! "

– Brian Bryson

“Brilliant! Wow!”

– Geisha Williams

“One of the best pieces of theater I’ve seen!”

– Stacia Mott Austin


Buy Tickets to Cinnabar Theater online nowThursday 11/7 at 7:30pm


Sunday 11/10 at 7:30pm


God Fights the Plague

Written and performed by Dezi Gallegos


About the artist

Dezi Gallegos, an 18-year-old Petaluma native, made a splash as the co-writer and assistant director of Prop 8 Love Stories, which started at Cinnabar and enjoyed an award-winning off-Broadway run at the New York Theatre Workshop.

Then the talented young man returned to his hometown and debuted a hilarious comedy called Quite Dead on our stage.

Dezi began performing in Cinnabar's Young Rep when he was 8 years old and has never stopped stealing the spotlight. Now he's back with a powerful new play that premieres this week...


About the show

God Fights the Plague is a gripping – and sometimes comic – story about a young man who sets out to either find God or, once and for all, deny his existence. For this brave new documentary theater piece, Dezi Gallegos interviewed individuals from nine different religions and recreates their words and wisdom onstage.

Join him on his journey and hear the questions and convictions that motivate your neighbors to believe in one, no, or many gods. Whatever your creed, his impressive performance will rekindle your faith in humanity.


Buy Tickets to Cinnabar Theater online nowTickets

$15 for youth 21 and under

$20 for adults


About the process

Over the course of a year, I interviewed 16 men and women,” Dezi says, “then narrowed down over 30 hours of interviews into a 90-minute show. My subjects include a witch who loves Elvis, the founder of Diamond Way Buddhism, the state director of American Atheists, a co-founder of the first Muslim college in the US, and a part-time drag queen/part-time rabbi. Creating this play broadened my horizons, and I hope it broadens yours.”


Dezi is working with renowned director Charlie Varon to refine the piece and plans to perform it next year at The Marsh in San Francisco. "Cinnabar is a second home to me, and I love it," Dezi remarks. "I'll always return, no matter what show!"







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