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Cinnabar’s PARENT GUILD is comprised of parent volunteers who are responsible for planning and fundraising for such events as Young Repertory Cast Parties, Senior Recognition Night, the “tile wall” outside the studio, fundraising dinners, cast t/sweatshirts and other ‘perks’ which have become such a huge part of the Cinnabar Young Rep tradition.

But… these events and perks are in danger of extinction!!
For many years, Debbie Buck, Madeleine Ashe, Denise Hewitt and Barbara Creamer (with the aid of some other parents) have headed up the parent guild – but all FOUR of them are ready to ‘hand over the reigns’ after the 2009-2010 season.

It means, in order for all of the above events to continue, we need some ‘new’ parents to step in, learn the ropes this year, and then take over, starting in the 2010/2011 Young Rep Season!    We would hate to see these ‘perks’ get lost, but WE NEED YOU to keep them going!

To find out more about the parent guild, or to volunteer,
Email Education Director Or call 707.763.8920.



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