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Our Young Rep

Cinnabar Theater is committed to training young people in the performing arts so they can make lasting and meaningful con­nections between the arts and their daily lives. We see the incredible impact that theater has on kids every single day. It teaches empathy, creativity, and responsibility. It fosters teamwork and leadership. It creates community.

Our Young Repertory Theater was founded in 1983 to counteract the precipitous decline in arts funding for public schools. Over the years, we’ve served thousands of students – making a lasting impact on their lives. And we are enormously proud that no child is ever turned away for lack of funds.

At Cinnabar, parents know their children are engaged in positive and productive activities. Meanwhile, kids learn valuable skills that are essential to success in today’s society, such as collaboration, communication, and confidence. And they also have tons of fun!

The Young Rep serves youth of all ages, from 4-year-olds who are just starting pre-school to 18-year-olds who are finishing high school. The most prominent parts of our program are the top-notch shows starring local children. Other activities include summer camps, after-school classes, weekend seminars, ticket discounts, and community service opportunities. All these events take place in the iconic red schoolhouse perched atop a grassy hill on the outskirts of Petaluma.

At Cinnabar, outgoing kids learn to share the spotlight, shy kids get a chance to shine, and everyone’s imagination soars. We’re not focused on creating artists – we’re focused on creating happy, healthy, global citizens. And in an era when the arts are not a priority in schools, we’re making a difference.

For more information on Cinnabar’s Young Rep, contact Education Director Nathan Cummings at 707-763-8920 or

Banner photo Ethan Paisley in 'Into the Woods' (photo by Jenny Elwick)